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There are two quotes that I keep in a place where I must read them often:

1. “The man who can get believers to praying would, under God, usher in the greatest revival that the world has ever known.” Leonard Ravenhill

2. “The man who mobilizes the Christian Church to pray, will make the greatest contribution in history to world evangelism.” Andrew Murray

If we can inspire people to pray, God will inspire them to grow in Him and bear much fruit.

Pray that church leaders will be inspired to organize more prayer meetings in churches, homes, schools, and businesses.
Pray that prayer meetings would be dynamic and Spirit-led rather that heavy and obligatory.
Pray for demonstrations of God’s power in people’s personal and family devotions.
Pray that the church would truly value prayer rather than embracing it as an obligation or a ritual.
Pray for God to draw unbelievers to prayer meetings where they can experience God’s presence, powerful worship, healing, and salvation.
Pray for God to lead us into times of travail and warfare intercession that wreak havoc on the forces of the enemy and set at liberty those that are bound.

If we can help people learn to pray, using small groups and other kinds of interactive prayer sessions, we will see them grow, minister to others, and begin to move in the Gifts of the Spirit like never before. Prayer will help them mature and become more responsive to God, so their leaders don’t have to be the source of their inspiration and encouragement. Pray for more prayer opportunities so that we can all mature in Christ.

Bishop John W. Hanson
Pastor of Acts II Ministries
Thompson, Connecticut
FROM: Prayer Connect: World Network of Prayer –

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