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“Burning Passion for God and His Kingdom” by Rev. Scott Graham.

The Bible says of the Lord that the zeal of His house had “eaten him up!” Burning passion in the hearts of His people for God and His kingdom is a much needed commodity in our day. Accordingly, pray the following for the church:

Pray that the pastor and staff would be consumed with passion for God. That they would burn with passion for revival and church growth.
Pray that men in the church would be passionate leaders of their families. That they would “seek first” God’s kingdom and His righteousness.
Pray that ladies in the church would be passionate, godly influences in their families. That they would set a proper climate in their homes towards the things of God.
Pray that the youth of the church would be so consumed with God, that the temptations of this world would be burned away.
Pray that the children of the church would learn early on how to be consumed with passion for God’s ways.

Rev. Scott Graham
General Secretary-Treasurer
United Pentecostal Church International
FROM: Prayer Connect: World Network of Prayer – wnopadmins@upci.org

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