Do you how to break free from the Busy Trap?

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Break Free from the Busy Trap. ”

Today in our society, families are pulled in multiple directions, living a lifestyle of busyness. We must help our children keep up with their church and school activities while meeting the never-ending demands of career and domestic responsibilities. Meanwhile, the “smoke and mirrors” of social media tends to consume our attention and leads us ever closer to the black hole of “keeping up with the Joneses.”

Our fast-paced lifestyles and culture make it easy for us to become caught inside the “busy trap,” causing us to lose focus on what really matters. The “busy trap” distracts us from spending time on activities that create value and have an eternal impact. In her book The Best Yes, Lysa TerKeurst states, “A woman [or family] who lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule will often ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.”

Colossians 3:2 says, “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things” (NIV). We must be intentional about slowing down and prioritizing what is best for our family. Some practical ways to do this could include decluttering, communicating about one another’s needs, and refraining from senseless activities to focus more time and attention on the ones you love most. Choose your schedule instead of being consumed by it. Spiritual activities to implement in your family’s daily life could include:

• Attend church together
• Start the morning and end the evening with prayer
• Memorize Scripture together
• Host a weekly family devotion
• Serve at a homeless shelter or find another way to serve your community as a family.
These types of foundational activities create a stronger family unit both spiritually and mentally.

We can choose a lifestyle where we are intentional about having an eternal impact on every family member. Every decision, whether big or small, impacts our life. Overscheduling leaves families feeling out of breath and less connected to one another. A schedule that is too busy will keep us from making time for what we value.

If the foundation of the family is unstable, it will lead to unwanted spiritual challenges and vulnerabilities. Developing a strong Christian home takes intentionality, patience, grace, and prayer, but it is the most important thing we can do to ensure salvation, safety, and success for our children. As Christians, breaking the trend of busyness, setting boundaries, and focusing on the eternal will create a healthier family environment.

We must point our families to Jesus. We may not be perfect, but we can choose a lifestyle that will emphasize and glorify Him.
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