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Keepers at Home” by Linda Gleason.

“That they may teach the young women to be…keepers at home.”

Home. The mere mention of the word floods the heart with memories as we journey back into the world of yesterday. The school bus topping that last hill. Walking down the long driveway with the smell of homemade bread wafting through the open windows. The sounds of “family” around the kitchen table as events of the day were relived. Not a steak and shrimp dinner on china and crystal, just beef stew and bread on mismatched crockery. Around that table, the strong and lasting fabric of “home” was woven – thread by thread, day after day. But it was not by chance.

The “keeper” ordered the atmosphere. When she smiled, the house rang with laughter. Her kiss soothed the pain of the hurt. The sound of her singing was security to her offspring. Her prayers rang in the ears of the children. Her support, submission, and love made dad strong and proud to be the household leader. Mom – the keeper of the home.

Thus, the home of yesteryear proceeded merrily on its way giving strength to the nation, stability to the church, security to the children, satisfaction to the parents.


Silently, stealthily, without announcement and fanfare, the easily accessible evil of the endtime tried to make its way into our homes. Oh, it didn’t proclaim itself. No, it came innocently, sugarcoated and glittering in the form of toys, games, books, magazines, posters, and music. It sneaked into the corners and crevices of our homes through the eye-gate and ear-gate, stealing the minds of the children. It came intelligently, logically, and skillfully in the form of bigger and better things, prestigious jobs, busier lifestyles, and important activities.

Suddenly, we looked around. Gone were the family times around the kitchen table. Instead, independent individuals occupied the same household, behind closed doors, going separate ways at different times. all seeking to fulfill themselves but lacking the support of one another. Gone were the carefree days of childhood. Gone were the days when a child awoke in the early morning cold and snuggled deeper under the quilts as they listened to the comforting sounds of mom getting dad off to work.

Instead, there was “wonderful” technology, modern conveniences, bigger and better homes, fascinating and intriguing entertainment, faster cars, accessible air travel – everything for comfort and ease, fun and frolic. AND, children who suffered from childhood stress, abuse, neglect, insecurity, and worry. Children who worried if mommy and daddy loved each other and would stay together. Children who worried about their safety in school, even safety in their own homes. Children who wondered if anyone really cared. The fabric was unraveling. Security was gone, and home wasn’t safe anymore.


The “keeper” arose, pushed through the cobwebbed cares of life, straightened her armor, ran the brush through her long, uncut hair – the covenant of strength and power with her God – and began the march through her household against evil. On her knees, mom began to claim and reclaim anything that may have been lost through the infiltration of the enemy. The threads were caught up and mended and weaving began again in earnest.

Has it happened in every home? No. Should we suspect the enemy will try to attack our home? Absolutely! If there is any crack or cranny for entrance, he will arrive to steal, kill, and destroy. He would like nothing better than to wreck the children and devastate the strength and harmony of the family.

But we are not “ignorant of his devices.” By the grace of God, moms armed with the Word of God and leaning on the power of prayer will stand at the door with spiritual antennas scanning whatever crosses our threshold. We will fight through schedules and activities for family time; and with the help of the Lord, we will win.

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