How should we be praying?

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Matthew 6:10 & John 18:36

How should we be praying? Thy Kingdom Come. Whose Kingdom are we talking about? The Kingdom of Jesus. (Luke 17:21) Where is this Kingdom? In those who are born again. (Romans 14:17) What is the Kingdom? Right living, operating in God; Peace, operating in victory and joy.

The goal of every intercessor is to pray for the Kingdom of Jesus to come in …
our personal lives
our homes
our jobs and finances
our church/school
the community at large and many other places

This is a very intense cry—Revelation 22:17

The intercessor is crying forth the Kingdom of God to come right now. (Revelation 21:2-3) Jesus said the Kingdom of God is at hand! What does this mean? Luke 12:32 says it is God’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.

For God to bring order to men and their homes. (Increasing their fear of God, taking positions as praying high priest) Releasing the Kingdom over our homes.
For God to send an increase of anointing in worship and prayer and fasting to the local church with our music, our preaching, in our schools, etc., so Kingdom authority can be released against devils and carnality.
For increased revelation for Kingdom subjects to operate in authority for the Kingdom—for miracles, signs and wonders (against financial and generational oppression—against souls who are bound in sin—against spirits coming against the Pastoral leadership for training).
The Kingdom is releasing the Fruit of the Spirit in us into the harvest in giving and in practical love.

There are three kingdoms we should denounce and destroy:

Our personal kingdom. Control; manipulation; insecure ambitions; attention to us; relationships. Mary and Martha were overwhelmed despite looking right at the Kingdom. (John 11:21)
The kingdom of Satan. Bondage; works of darkness. (Ezekiel was asked—can my kingdom reign despite what you see?)
The kingdoms of this world. Fame; entertainment; sports; banking (Will you invoke faith facing adversity that the Kingdom will come despite the dark days that you see? (Luke 12:32)

Pray to release faith for the Father’s Kingdom to come in power, word, and deed to the local churches. Believe for God’s Kingdom power to break yokes in our families and finances. Intercede for new souls to be produced in the Kingdom. Petition that Jesus, Our King, would reign supreme over all false doctrines and ungodly spirits in everything and in every place!

Pastor Don Rogers
The Pentecostals of Wisconsin
WNOP North Central Region Prayer Coordinator
Wisconsin District Prayer Coordinator
(Info from: World Network of Prayer –

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