About Purpose and Potential

“Purpose and Potential” by Mary Catherine Beek.

I can remember being at youth camps and youth rallies when I was a teenager and there was always a sermon, workshop or Q&A panel on how to find your purpose or knowing your purpose. When you are that age, I thought, I’ll worry about that when I’m older. I don’t need to know that now. I was probably more focused on what my friends were doing or what was happening at the after burner.

Looking back I can honestly say, I really wish I would have understood the importance of knowing my purpose from as young as I could. We can have specific callings and purposes in life that is unique to you but there is one purpose we need and that is a foundational walk with God. We need to purpose in our lives to study His word and to seek His face on a daily basis. This is how we unlock the potential in our lives. Wasted potential is a choice that we make ourselves. No one else is to blame for it. We make the choice not seek Him daily and have that connection with Him. We shift our priorities to seek connection from other people and things, when we need to place Him first every day.

>> Don’t know where to start? Start small. Take time at the start of your day to either read or listen to His word then meditate on it. Let Him speak to you through His word and dwell on it throughout your day. Tomorrow, there will be a fresh word for that day. This may sound very basic and simplistic but I have found that sometimes its the simple things that can be easily overlooked or forgotten.

When we make this a conscience decision in our lives to have this purpose, our potential grows for His kingdom.

Jeremiah 29:13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

Make it a priority to seek Him and search for Him with all your heart. In this, your purpose and potential will be revealed to you.

(Information from: UPCI Ladies Ministries – ladiesprayerinternational@aol)

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