Membership Rules

This is our Membership Rules page.

Registration or Membership is free. But all members MUST read, agree with and comply with our TERMS and RULES at this Site at all times. All Members MUST also read and know our Site Disclaimer.

All Members information (articles, text ads, links, websites, etc) are to be submitted for approval before being posted/listed on our Site. We need to ensure that posts/text ads/sites are in agreement with our TERMS and RULES before being published. All Members Articles, Text Ads Posts, Links, Websites Information, etc., MUST be in English only for approval (unless otherwise approved via translation by our Site Owners/Admins).

We do not accept plagiarized Websites Information, Text Ads Links, Contents, and such alike. Members must give the credit to the legal rightful owners. Once we know or discover that plagiarized fraud we will strongly consider deleting/blocking the Member form this Site.

Members must NOT post (or submit for approval) articles, websites information, text ads links, etc., that are related to or connected with fraud, illegal activities, gambling/poker, adult content materials (pictures or words, etc) gay or lesbian lifestyles, terrorism and such alike.

We do not approve of articles, websites, text ads links (or domains) etc., that are Gay/Lesbian contents Sites, Bi-Sexual Lifestyle Sites, Gambling Sites such a Lotto/Poker, Illegal Internet Sites, Scams or Spam Sites, Adult Pornography Content Sites, and others that are contrary to our Website Christian Principles and Values. We do not approve of contents, comments or communication that are vulgar and contrary to this Site Christian Values.

This Website is a private Site with Conservative Christian Principles and Values. Therefore, we cannot approve of any website, text ads links, etc., or Members. Members are to agree with us (i.e. TERMS and Membership Rules) before joining this Site and continue to do so to remain a Member.

We always reserve the right to adjust, change or add new RULES as the need arise.