Postings Rules

This is our Submission of Articles, Websites Info, Links/Information, etc., page.

Here are some of our Rules:
All submission MUST be in agreement with our TERMS and RULES. If they are not in agreement, they will be DELETED.

All Members MUST agree with and participate in agreement with our TERMS and RULES. If a Member does not, then he/she will discover that their Membership is DELETED with no exceptions.

Members of different countries can register to join our Site. However, all Posts, Comments, etc., must be in English to be approved and or published at this Site.

We do not accept plagiarized Posts/Articles (i.e. the using of others writings/work/materials (the work or an idea of someone else) and pass it off as one’s own. Members must give the credit to the legal rightful owners. Once we know or discover that plagiarized “fraud” we will strongly consider deleting/blocking the Member form this Site.

All Members can vote in our members polls, comment on posts, like posts, view our Membership List, see their own posts and comments as approved and listed, and so on in participation at this Site.

We accept short Articles (or Blog Posts) usually of no more than 400 or 500 words in content (except otherwise approved by our Admin/Moderators). We prefer to have short, precise and concise information as articles or blog posts listed at this Site. Pictures must be small or medium (example, 500 px x 500 px) as maximum size. Videos are to be of the same size.

Members must NOT posts (or submit for approval) pictures, videos, topics, views or reviews ( and so on) that are related to or connected with fraud, illegal activities, gambling/poker, adult content materials (pictures or words, etc) gay or lesbian lifestyles, terrorism and such alike.

This Website is a Private Site with a Christian Principles and Values. Therefore, we cannot approve of any posts or Members. You are to agree with us (i.e. TERMS and Rules) before joining this Site and continue to do so to remain a Member.

This is an important Reminders that we DO NOT accept the following: Adult content, spam Sites, poker/gambling Sites, casino Sites, and other such related Websites are not accepted. Sites without appropriate content or only AdSense or Affiliate Sites are not accepted. All redirect URLs are not accepted.

Members are to use proper English such as and punctuation and grammar with no excessive capitals letter, and no extra characters in their communication. We always reserve the right to adjust, change or add new RULES as the need arise.